Why I built Feedback Studio

Hi! I'm Jessie, and I'm the Founder of Feedback Studio.

When I set out to create this platform, it wasn't just about building another app.

After spending the last few years in a Product team and streamlining the feedback process, I noticed a gap in the market. Existing tools never quite fit my company's use case - they were either too basic or far too complicated. It led to frustration and a lack of engagement with the feedback loop from wider teams, while my team was constantly trying to find creative ways to make the existing tools work.

Before Product, I worked in Support. My background here played a huge role in shaping Feedback Studio. I knew the importance of keeping everyone in the loop, and making sure that information from a company's users was easily passed up to Product. Because of this, I made sure my app was all about transparency and ease of use.

Alongside a user-friendly UI, I had two other goals - it needed to be data-driven, and customizable.

In product management, data is everything. This is why I've packed Feedback Studio with features to help you track crucial metrics. Take a look at the Prioritize page for more details here.

In terms of customization, I didn't want to force users into rigid UIs and spend ages training their teams on something that should be simple. Instead, I wanted to give them the freedom to work how they wanted. So that's what I've done, and will continue to go going forward.

Feedback Studio isn't just an app—it's a solution born out of a need, driven by passion, and designed to empower product teams worldwide.

We're the new kids on the block, and are always listening and learning. Please reach out any time on the Contact page if you have any questions - or feedback (love that stuff!).

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