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Feedback Studio helps you save time, resources, and keeps your product team on track.

Collect, prioritize, and share user feedback with our flexible, data-driven platform.

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With Feedback Studio, you can discover what your users need and why they need it.

Upvote on a company's behalf, add impact and user stories - or use the public roadmap to get feedback directly from your user base.

Understand what to build next and prioritize based on data-driven insights.


Votes + optional user stories

As companies request new features or upvote existing ones, watch your votes grow, uncovering the most sought-after features.

Deepen your understanding with optional user stories attached to each vote, so you can get the full picture of what is needed and why.


Make sure you're building for your biggest users that impact your bottom line the most.

Add the monthly recurring revenue and track the monetary value of the feedback that's coming in.

Impact Score

Each vote has an associated impact score - No Impact (0), Convenient (1), Important (2) and Crucial (3).

At the feedback level, scores are averaged to get an overall score, allowing you to at-a-glance see how important a piece of feedback is to your voters.

OKR Alignment

Build features that help your company grow.

Set custom company objectives, and align your feedback with them to get a holistic view of how feedback aligns with wider company goals.

Rice Scoring

Utilize the popular product-focused Rice Scoring to prioritize your feedback.

Set reach, impact, confidence and effort on your feedback and receive a score to help prioritize what to build next.

Moscow Rating

Set your feedback's importance and align it with company priorities by using MoSCoW methodology.


Love Rice Scoring but have no need for MoSCoW?

Want a data-driven feature platform but don't want a crowded UI that distracts your team?

Feedback Studio allows you to hide features based on whether you actually need them.

Focus on getting the job done, in the way you want to do it.


See the direct impact of marketing and roadmap promotion with our analytics suite.

Track feedback growth and compare against other popular requests.

Make sure you've developing features that are relevant to your users today.

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